Hiking Mt. Kipipiri : Not for the Squeamish lot

The Bucketlister

Jossey strikes a winning pose at the summit !! Jossey strikes a winning pose at the summit !!

Weekends bring a great opportunity to experience Kenya’s off the beaten track destinations. After a magical weekend on Madaraka day at Kerio Valley(see story Kerio Valley By Road), I sat in my house on Thursday evening trying to figure out what experience would possibly be worth to write about after the Kerio experience. The Mt. Kipipiri hike, which my good friend and director at Xtrym Adventures – Duncan Kiema,had invited me to came to mind. I called him on his cell and late on Friday at 1500hrs secured a seat for the hike. The description on the event’s page on facebook set my mind rolling  “Mount Kipipiri” – The unknown gem, connected to the Aberdare range. Elevation: 3,349 m ” . A further disclaimer on the required gear, departure time plus the state of personal health and fitness ensured any…

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