Travel Local and be our Tourism Ambassandor

It’s that time of the year again when we all go crazy making new year resolutions Forgetting to account for those made previously. It’s that time in Kenya whereby Fares shoot to the moon and back, same time every store is having a sale to attract as many buyers as possible… Mmh the sale thing is just a gimmick for example if an item goes for KES5000 when on sale it will be going for KES4999 hehe……

Well, for most of us Christmas in the village is still rocking up high. When I was young, the whole extended family would gather at our grandparent’s home for the holidays, it was non-negotiable and that’s just how it was. Life was fun then, running around, doing all kind of mischiefs, picking wild berries, playing with dung beetles ooh and getting in all types of troubles. Christmas for us ment chapoos, a mbuzi, etc and thereafter My Auntie -May Her soul rest in peace- would drive us to the nearby town at kahungura photo studios, for the FAMOUS Mugambi’s Xmas Photo, you should have seen us singing ‘we wish you a merry Christmas..’ you would think the photo will have some melodies once printed…. back then Xmas was reserved for family get-together, life wasn’t complicated then. However this is slowly changing. Many opt out coz of family feuds, competitions, nagging questions…… you know what I mean?..


Appreciating Nature at Nairobi Safari Walk In Nairobi National Park.


Today my final blog is being drafted from Nairobi Safari walk within Nairobi national Park.. Celebrating conservation Heroes. My friend Phoebe is accompanying me and trying to turn me into a birder, I mean she can tell birds species by just their twits…ooh and she loves twitter, wonder if there is a connection there..hehe!  We just decided to Take a breather after a hectic season and to re-energize for last minute travel requests.. We sure going to need it…… but one thing am grateful is Kenyans have started planning for holidays, they are booking way in advance something that was rare… they are also willing to explore both within and beyond our borders…. I sure hope the Ministry of tourism will continue to have incentives to promote domestic tourism, coz I know it’s the only sustainable and reliable Market. #BuyKenyaBuildKenya.  I would wish to add that most of this incentive should mostly focus on product knowledge, an area that’s wanting. Still a bigger percentage believe that travel is quite expensive where-else our destination serves all kinds of travelers. It’s this mindset that’s some SME; travels Agents and Tour Operators at Tour Operators Society of Kenya are changing slowly but quite effectively. They are young vibrant and willing to explore where many dare not to, they have also mustered the young Kenyan traveler, they want fun, networking, challenging activities, something to Twit about hehe! And above all the thrill of travel…… to some it might be just another day at work or on a trip, or to have something to floss about, but, through this tours they are quite engaging the world about Kenya as a Tourism Destination. They are showcasing a different kind of travel that’s not in our history books, they are making a trend, they are expanding our brand visibility and also refreshing it….. Together we are marketing our Destination and Internet has given us an awesome platform.  WE ARE adding A NEW PROMISE! @Tunajibu

To my fellow Kenyans #TravelLocal #SupportLocal #TembeaKenya so that when you travel beyond our borders you can be an informed #TourismAmbassador.

From East Africa Luxury Travel, Our promise is to continue showcasing @MagicalKenya, #LuxuryTravel, we love our Destination and throhappy-happyholzugh our travels we have been able to reach out to many travel enthusiasts . You might wonder after all this years travelling what else in there to cover? Someone said no journey is the same and God willing, in 2017 we shall cover lots of expeditions, Cultural Tours and culinary Tourism. Through us you will taste our foods, swim in waterfalls, Ride a donkey, dance to our rhythms….Till you holla to experience the Magic.

A BIG Thank you to all of our clients, partners, followers… you have been of great value to our journeys  Merry Christmas and A happy New Year!

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