The war against Ivory Trade, continues as Uganda seizes an estimated 1.5 tons of ivory products.

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The war against ivory continues

Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) and Uganda Police Friday raided a palatial home in the suburbs of the capital and arrested three men believed to be dealers in the illegal ivory trade. The law enforcement agents, who were acting on a tip from the Natural Resources Conservation Network, a local non-governmental organization, also seized an estimated 1.5 tons of ivory products during the Friday evening raid.

The two suspects, confirmed to be natives of Guinea Bissau, and one from Liberia will be charged with illegal possession of ivory.

“Thanks to concerted efforts by the government, the elephant population is on the rise in Uganda. But this country continues to be a major ivory trafficking conduit, and we are seeing with this latest incident just how much the illicit ivory trade continues to wreak havoc on the continent—on African wildlife and security in particular,” said Kaddu…

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