Skydiving over the Kenyan Coast

Dare to Explore

Adrenaline runs in my blood. Being outdoors is what I do and I never stop exploring. With a successful summit of Mount Kilimanjaro in 2014, I knew I had to set myself up for something even greater …

We had just brought in 2015, and on the second day of this new year, I knew what it was that I wanted to do – Jump out of a plane!

I’ve watched countless people skydive, but I hadn’t met anyone who had actually done it.  The fact that I could do it in Kenya sealed the deal, and so the very next day, it was time.

Mark suited me up, walked me through skydiving etiquette and said “it’s no big deal, you just jump, and enjoy the view”.  Mark had done over 400 jumps in different parts of the world. (eyes rolling)

Skydive 6

There was 6 of us going skydiving that day, 5…

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