Zania – A Falls Away…

Dare to Explore

Even after seeing the roaring falls of Niagara in Ontario Canada, and the majesty of the beautiful Victoria in Zambia, who would’ve thought that a mere falls like Zania would still create bubbling excitement for me?

Yet indeed she did.


November 12th 2017.  It was another supposedly typical Sunday morning in Nairobi – for everyone else.  Not for the Women Who Hike and the men who support Women Who Hike.  We left Nairobi closer to 7am as we got onto the Thika highway and headed towards Nyeri.  Destination: Zania Falls – a place I had only heard about but had yet to discover.  The stories were always the same:  Zania Falls was a spectacular waterfall discovered by hiking through lush green valleys in the Aberdare Ranges.

The drive to Nyeri was long. At least 3 hours on the bus before we arrived at our destination where we were greeted…

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