Trippin’ on Turkana (Part 1) – [PHOTOS]

Northern Kenya is such An Arid Beauty…

The Kenyan Camper

So it’s done. I finally made it. No more side-eyes from inquiring minds; “Yes I know you’ve traveled a bit around the country, but have you been to Lake Turkana?” All that’s it in the past, I can finally walk with my head held high. Thought I’d do something different for this article and post a photo essay with minimal chat, hope you you enjoy it.

ngurunit-turkana-kalacha-marsabit-camping-kenya-100 Spot the human.


ngurunit-turkana-kalacha-marsabit-camping-kenya-002 Day 1: Approach to Ngurunit and the Ndoto Mountains after leaving Laisamis. Couple of years since I was last here, still exciting.

ngurunit-turkana-kalacha-marsabit-camping-kenya-007 At camp we’ll be sleeping out in the open on the top platform, sweet. You can just about see the showers at far left.

ngurunit-loiyangalani-turkana-kalacha-marsabit Mount Poi looking handsome from camp. Even though the lugga is dry, waterholes have been dug into the river bed and it’s quite busy.

ngurunit-turkana-kalacha-marsabit-camping Samir gets down doing dinner. ‘Someone’ brought the wrong…

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