My city tour with a graffiti hunter…

Luxit Africa

One of the things I haven’t been able to stop is showing off my city, given that staying be hide an office desk for long is not my cup of tea I often find my self tour guiding around the city…

We are lucky to have many unique things to do in Nairobi and more so, mix all this with some bush and adventure.. if you google for things to do in Nairobi a lot would come up and more often the following places would pop up: feeding giraffes at Giraffe center, feeding elephants at the David Shedrick orphanage, a game drive in Nairobi National park, Museums, city walking tours, market tours, Mall tours, craft village tours etc..

But recently I have done  lots of unique tours like flower,Tea and coffee tours, Cheese tours, slum tours, real crazy tours like visiting slaughter houses, selecting a mbuzi getting it slaughtered and…

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