My stay at lake Magadi Tented Camp was a mix of sweet and sour.


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Very rarely when we embark on a trip that we leave room for disappointments, the hype and excitement of beautiful expectations occupy our thoughts. Well it was no different for me on this trip’ Days before I was in-charge of booking our accommodations but my fellow travelers weren’t fussy,

Yes this place is great for bikers

however, since I don’t like temporary shelters or to put it right I fear sleeping in one [story for another day hehehe] I had inquired if the cottages were available but they were full so I settled for a tent in the middle of the whole compound lol…little did I know my fears wouldn’t even protect me from the disaster I was in for, the rooms at Magadi tented camp are very basic, very small and I don’t think when they constructed their bathrooms they had put in mind plus size models like us……


The room floods with water when you shower and the shower curtain doesn’t prevent this. I wasn’t amused but I just needed a shower and a bed. This camp is just for that, because the heat won’t even allow you to stay in it you will feel suffocated; one good thing though the bed was very comfortable and the room was quite clean. My review the price put on the rooms is not worth what you getting…


The service at lake Magadi country club was just laid back nothing to write home about but I had an encounter with their chef he came out exemplary and quite creative. He made sure we had breakfast by the lake and packed it well after the waiter had already told us they don’t offer such a service. Whether they do or they don’t we appreciated the flexibility, loved their food and the personnel at the reception are quite polished.

The club has a lot of amenities one can indulge in just in-case you don’t want to explore around.

The club has a swimming pool which is free for residents or you can enjoy their Well-equipped gym facility with a professional instructor: groups can enjoy Zumba sessions and body work outs at a fee. you can also request for board games from the reception or just hang out at their well equipped Bar with soft music.

My advice; if you are like me who like open and spacious spaces kindly book their club annex rooms or their cottages..

keep following us as we explore all the available activities and things you can indulge in around Magadi area..

Feel free to write your review if you have ever stayed with them….

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