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Looking for serenity getaway try Olelek Cabin.

The first time I visited Olelek ranch I didn’t want to leave, so you can imagine my excitement that I was going back.  Unlike the previous visit the road has been graded and accessible even with a smaller vehicle.

This time round am here to stay at the newly  constructed “honey moon Nest” A two bedroom raised log Cabin  away from the main house surrounded by acacia trees over-looking the rocky Temporarily river bed totally secluded  yet very serene and peaceful.

When I got there the resident ostrich looked like it was eagerly waiting for a visitor and trolled around us neck high up gracefully. She was gorgeous wonder what name would fit her haha!!

The cabin is elegantly and rustically decorated, it evoked this warmth from the colors inside and the sunlight through the big windows. The kitchen is open plan and well stocked with the necessally amenities. The cabin can host four pax comfortably. The patio outside has a big Swing chair. Its great for that lazy chill or Nap or cuddly moments. There is also a plunge pool for those cooling moments strategically in the midst of the shrubby vegetation.

For the active persons there are quite a number of hiking trails and cultural activities one can engage in.  we still extended for one more night and if given a choice we would have gone on and on. 

Going to Maasai land without sampling their

Nyamchom is incomplete and our host was kind enough to invite us for one prepared by the local Maasai.

For those looking for peaceful moments out of town olelek Cabins should be your number one choice its only an hour from Nairobi on Kajiado Namanga highy way.

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