You can’t just eat good food, you must talk about it too!

Girls day out at Kienyeji’s Restaurant

I have heard a lot about Kienyeji’s restaurant. The many times My friend Liz had invited me to this place are countless and I am sure she wouldn’t give a mmmh about it -as she likes to say -. You see Liz is free-spirited with a golden heart. She likes your brand, the world has to know you exist. We know she loves fine things in life, one word from her we follow hahaha! So on Mashujaa day, I decided today is the day so I drop her a text , Jaber is available, I also reach out to two other friends, Boom! just like that its a girls late lunch at Kienyejis. I went ready for any eventuality Given that the President had lifted the Dusk to Dawn Curfew.


“Great food and great company are the two life’s simplest yet great pleasures”


Two of us car pooled and even if we had clear directions we still chose to believe ule madam wa ‘GUGU’ hehe! Anywho, after a 360 degrees view of Yaya center,  we finally made it to Kienyeji’s, Store-001. It was fully packed and we had to wait for a table. The team was quite welcoming and re-assured us that one was clearing soon. No worries, si you know some of us are on African time? One had a meeting prior, See, Jaber also had to have her hair done, nails and toes pampered. Our model queen had to get an afternoon nap – beauty sleep, haha! Isn’t life beautiful, YOLO!  The dancers across entertained us, as Mish the owner of Kienyejis was hosting her high school alumni.

we ordered chicken, varieties of veges and smoked fish

By 1530hrs we had settled and ordered our food. But lemmie tell you the aroma from the kitchen can test your waiting patience so we decided to dig in and not wait for the rest. “Let me tell you the utamu that was in this food cannot be told in Inglis, Maybe in luhya haha! The chicken, the fish, the traditional veges, Everything was yummy. we swept our plates clean! when they say you don’t need silver forks to eat good food they might have visited Kienyeji’s Restaurant.  


I cant pen this off without mentioning the chilled sugarcane, ginger and mint juice we were served. My My that juice was heavenly. 

Our stomachs were soo full I think we were the last ones to leave. and with all that great service, good food, ambience, laughter each one of us spent about 600bob.. Pure healthy eating. I am sure  Kienyenjis will grow and expand its horizons as they encourage healthy eating.  For sure we shall be frequenting them.   


Besides the many women and men supported directly through employment, The entrance of kienyejis restaurant in Kilimani must have increased the visibility of Mall 66 and businesses showcased there. See, when we deliver our brand promise we increase the value not only to ourselves but to everyone around us.


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