party train

Is Suswa slowly turning into a party town?

One time during our karen roundtable meet ups, one of our members suggested we can perhaps go out of town and unwind a little bit. As with soo many group travels when arranging a trip everyone confirms but on the actual day only a quarter shows up. Well are no different lol! The only good thing with our group is everyone is self-employed  HOWEVER, to get them off their businesses its such a hustle. Anywho.. most agreed a Sunday  would work best and we settled for a train ride to suswa, Share a meal of nyamchom discuss a few things then board back to Nairobi. Our Organizing secretary Wamboo as we fondly call her made sure all have tickets and have arrived at Ngong station on time. God bless this soul its not easy handling some of us lol!

The train pulled up at 0954hrs and the SGR team is quite organized, by the time the train gets at the station all are lined up according to their coaches numbers. Amazingly the train was full, innocent me thought perhaps Most passengers are going to church or to visit their families and only a few of us getting away to unwind… well shock on me as half way, some coaches including the one I was slowly turned into a party.. unlike the one going to Mombasa here there no cops watching you every second so u can imagine how far some Kenyans can exploit every loophole, any who.. we ended up stopping at every station for 15mins as passengers alighted to use the wash rooms. The journey from Ngong station to Suswa took us a whole two hours too long for such a short journey if you may ask me, but the views of south rift are stunning so you end glued outside with awe. The train passes right in the middle of the wall of the rift, that makes thigio ridge. The tunnel passes were long and the lighting reflected on us  like we were in some  horror movie, I think the longest was at 1.5km.


We arrived Suswa at 11:56hrs. The beauty of it is that there is public transport from the station to suswa town. Some hotels have taken this a notch higher and give free transfers as long as you get to use their facilities. Its at this point I realized we didn’t have a plan and the organizer negotiated with someone as we were taking photos.

Our transfer was kind of interesting as it was a pickup, a Toyota landcruiser looked like ex-military I loved it!  #LetMeTellYouMaina Suswa was as dry as the thick white dust we left behind as we drove to Mara Gate hotel in the heart of suswa town. This small town on Nairobi Narok Highway is synonymous with adventure seekers. There are quite a number of trails and hikes to Mt,Suswa and Caves. The most interesting part about these caves is where Local bats colonies departure in the evening coincides with the arrival of troops of baboons taking shelter. The caves also have paintings from local morans who sleep there during one of their initiation rituals.

It was interesting to find like, almost all those we shared a coach to suswa were already juxtapositioned in the hotel and continuing with their merry making. This hotel reminded me of  Sunday jam sessions when we were young co,z they have just that in their club. We made merry and just when it was at its climax the call for transfer back to the train station came. 4hrs have never been soo short… I mean you should be at the station by 1600hrs grrrrrrr!

This was the shortest fun, cheapest trip i have ever done out of town. Lets do the maths. For us return ticket from ngong station was 200bob , yaani magana meri haha. we shared uber which was about 200 bob from the house to the station, you can also drive and leave your car in the parking its secure. Nyama and drinks came about 1000bob each and  basically as a group KES1500 is enough for you to eat drink and get back home. we even had some nyamchom packed we ate to our fill.


Exit fun

Now don’t ask how the train back to Nairobi was.. it was as merry as Kenyans get at 3am on a Friday night.

There you have it you want to get away on a sunday for a few hours try the Nairobi Suswa train. There are quite a number of other hotels you can choose from , but loved mara gate we have done this trip twice now.


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