The Red container, a hidden gem on the slopes of Ngong hills.

Kajiado is blessed with vast, and breath taking landscapes stretching over and Beyond. A remote rugged terrain great for trekking , hiking, biking and bundus adventures. This county hosts the Northen part of The great rift valley, Amboseli National park and its home to Maa Community, both the red and the white maasai. Its proximity near Nairobi makes it a great unwinding getaway location. It was during those drives out of the city seeking for inspiration and some nyamchoma, on Ngong Suswa Road that we decided to check the Red container.

Luckily when we contacted Eunice, the host, it was available. She was quite helpful with the directions and we never got lost one bit. The Red container is one bedroom cottage. Both the kitchen and the bath room are fully equipped with all the necessities. All you need is to carry your food stuffs. It comfortably hosts two pax.

We were going to stay for a night but the cottage was too comfortable. The neighborhood is quiet too.
We found ourselves writing endlessly and we had to add another night.

The host was kind enough to allow late check out. and even then it felt soo homely we didn’t want to leave. we highly rate this cottage for those hidden gems in secure neighbourhoods. The cottage is extremely clean and very organized. While there Take a walk around and enjoy the views of the Ngong hills and wonderful sunsets. This one is for you seeking a romantic getaway, or solo traveler or someone seeking those quiet moments just to rejuvenate, or work on a project etc.

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