Kibuuka Grand Falls Tharaka Nithi.

The Kenya Wildlife Service recently extended an invitation to a number of Tour operators to go check out Meru National Park. During this time, an invitation to see the Kibuuki Water Falls was offered by the county of Tharaka Nithi. Host, Senior Warden Mr. Kitavi led the way through the Ura Gate, where CEC tourism Mdm Maureen Nyambura and her team were waiting to welcome us to Tharaka Nithi County [TNC].

KWS Team, Tour Operators and TNC County Tourism Team at Ura Gate, Meru National Park

As members of TOSK (the Tour Operators’ Society of Kenya), we are held to the highest standards of excellence in all that we do in tourism industry. As an association, we are constantly exploring #MagicalKenya for new and exciting experiences to share with our audience. Kenyans are our initial target market and will act as brand ambassadors wherever they go. County governments can attract tourists both local and international by promoting their unique features. We need to recognize we’re more than just our beaches and wildlife.

Some of the TOSK members interacting with Snr Warden Mr.Kitavi on the extreme left together with his team.

The Atharaka subtribe of the Meru Community resides in  Tharaka Nithi. It took us roughly an hour to travel from Ura Gate to Kibuuka Grand falls via this picturesque county dotted with Kopjes. Kibuuka, or “thunder warrior,” is a name of ancient origin given to an immortal warrior. This fighter was a divine gift to a childless couple. On a dark and stormy night, just as the seer had said, the couple found a newborn child safe and sound in a kraal. Because he wouldn’t die, he was able to help his people win several battles during his youth. But eventually, he was deceived, and the kigoci charm that had protected him was broken; consequently, he perished. His parents abandoned Tharaka village after becoming frustrated with the betrayal. This was a huge loss to the community as his father was a spiritual leader, a rain maker and a medicine man.  The path he traveled out of TNC is thought to have become a seasonal river Kathambangiri; he then made his way to the river tana, where he is said to have jumped into the river. It’s believed he became water as he was born out of the water. Legend has it these waters have super powers.

When the rains come down hard, the sight of the Thagana River plunging down in nine separate falls before finally merging with the much larger Tana River at Kibuuka Grand Falls is very magnificent. I wish there was a safe vantage point from which to take it all in. Excellent for relaxing and picnicking alike. Maybe someone should invest in an observation Deck?

All in all, this was a spectacle to behold. The TNC tourism CEC told us their county has more attractions and we plan to go back and showcase this #HiddenGemsOfKenya.

Until Then Adios!

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