Shela hats festival in Lamu

In Lamu, the sun is ever shining, its beneficent rays beaming down on the island as though it takes pleasure in its stunning natural setting. However, the bright sunlight might distract anyone trying to get any work done throughout the day. Wearing a hat is the sole option for dealing with the situation.

Many construction workers in Shela village will make their own sun protection head gears out of whatever is at hand, be it palm leaves, discarded cement sacks, a piece of coral stone, or a length of pipe. As photographer Roland Klemp and arts patron Herbert Menzer strolled through Shela , they were repeatedly fascinated by the sight of men working in the shadow of bizarre headwear. In Lamu, you won’t find the obligatory hard hat worn by construction workers everywhere. Instead, every worker is adorned with a one-of-a-kind, often absurd-looking handmade piece of clothing. This sparked the inaugural Shela Hat Competition the same year.

The purpose of the contest is to provide a lighthearted venue in which locals may demonstrate their inventiveness and innovation while also earning a prize. Hundreds of people have attended every year since the festival started, all eager to march along Peponi Beach in their most creative and unique headdresses.

We are already making our own hats. If you want to join us, Text, Call, Whatsapp +254 757 403039

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