Are East africa tours expensive?

Do you think East Africa tours are costly? Here is how to cut those costs.

To all my fellow safari enthusiasts out there: Did you know that you don’t have to break the bank for your next luxury African adventure? We understand that budget travel is not for everyone.  Your Trusted Africa Safari Expert might be able to hook you up with amazing deals without compromising your desire to travel in style. That’s right! Below are a few tips on how to just do that!

  1. Travel during low season:

Taking your vacations in the off-season, when there are fewer people traveling grants you more opportunities for you to save money. It means fewer queues, and the ability to book at the last minute. With fewer crowds, you can enjoy a more intimate experience at some top attractions in a destination, which may be impossible during peak times. Furthermore, you may be eligible for complimentary or highly discounted stays at luxurious hotels, which would normally be out of your price range during the busy season.

  • Travel in groups or join one: Purchasing power is a fundamental economic concept that explains why group travel trips can be made at more reasonable rates. Group travel businesses wield a great deal of influence with establishments that provide lodging and activities because of the volume of customers that they generate. Hence, they are able to negotiate excellent discount prices, which you would never be able to obtain on your own.
  • Book and Pay early: Frequently, due to currency fluctuations, rates are subject to change without notice, particularly if you have not paid a commitment fee or made a deposit. Book and pay for your travels well in advance to take advantage of this discount.
  • Use a local credible Travel agent: Because of the volume of their transactions, travel agents have access to discounts and bargains that others do not. They have a way of influencing providers that can help you save a lot of money. To identify one, just inquire if they are licensed or a member of a local association.
  • Use hotels in the same group: The majority of upscale boutique hotels have many properties located in various parts of the world. If you stay at more than one of their hotels or lodges, your travel agent will be able to offer you circuit discounts—a benefit that you won’t have access to if you choose a different kind of lodging.

Feel free to share with us more holiday cost saving hacks.

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