Welcome to Ndulumo cottages Yatta

Nothing can beat Chilled out moments in the bundus.


Covid 19 saw soo many of us working off our usual work places and it’s during this time that I decided to visit kipwa conservancy accompanied by my colleagues. The property is  in Yatta , Machakos county . We had planned with Mdm Faith wathome a couple of times that I would visit but never actualized until now.  The journey to Kipwa takes you through the coffee and pineapple plantations of Thika and the green Machakos county on Thika Garissa highway.

On the way you can make stops at 14 falls or attempt Kilimambogo before proceeding. You branch off at a small town called Sofia to Kwa Wanzilu Ndalani road which takes you through picturesque small valleys and rivers.  For a moment you actually forget you are in Kamba-Land. we got lost following Kwa-ndeke and kilimwana hills lol but it was worth it we had to take a kaself .. double tap for the memories..

Yatta used to be a semiarid area but irrigation and re-afforestation has totally transformed the place to a green agricultural productive area. Kipwa is at the forefront of preserving and conserving the environement as most animal’s extinct coz of habitat loss. The conservancy has a variety of bird species e.g superb sterlings, weaver birds, lilac s hamerkop, common bulbul, sordon bleu, laughing dove drongo etc..  we also spotted  animals like tortoise, hyraxes, vervet and syke monkies,  we arrived Ndulumo cottages 2 hrs a later coz we detoured took pictures and shopped along the way



Ndulumo has two units of three bedroom cottages each can host a maximum of 7 pax . the cottages are located in conflux of two livers that is Thika river and river and flow as one massive river to tana river. There are huge volcanic rocks on the background a  haven for outdoor enthusiast’s a day trip to Masinga dam is also recommended

Our stay was peaceful, fun and fabulous as you can see on the below images there are quite a number of places designated for time out.

We also created our own fun around campfire station..

Ndulumo is a place to unwind in all areas of your life, by the time you exit, nature will have healed you all your negative energy and felt afresh.

Revitalizing moments by the river walk..

we sure had a wonderful moment here, the staff was quite friendly and helpful, we felt safe and at ease Through out our stay. we highly recommend this place and totally grateful to the Wathomes for having us.

See how the crew is contented?. from Back left Ann [ TOSK admin], Yvonne [ Marony Travel] Center is Alex of Kibaria Travel, Front right is Jackson of Kenya Outdoors and Me Rosebell..

Next time you are looking for a get-away try the less travelled..

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