The land of Marakwet people must be one of the most magical soul touching places Kenya has…

As I pick from my last story of #TwendeWestern perhaps this part from Bogoria to Eldoret has been a challenge because I just couldn’t get the right words to express myself in a way that the magic of Kerio Valley is not lost. This part of of kenya must be the most picturesque, breathtaking .. driving up this road gives you some kind of euphoria only nature can explain, the view of Kerio river on the east and Cherengany hills on the west, the hair raising Marakwet escarpment.. its just breathtaking. The marakwet people who live around here are livestock farmers with a few mixing it up with soghum, millet and cassava, others do plant mangoes and we had a taste of some at chebloch gorge.


A moment with the young divers of this unconfirmed 70ft deep gorge, they dive in this river for a living and they say its crocodile infested, however with time this young men have learnt that crocs don’t like sudden movements… support them while on this road as some earn to pay for their school fees.


chelengany hills view point


chebloch gorge



lake Kamnarock at a distance


moments with friends at Rimoi national park view point

There is a lot of activities one can enjoy while in this area, beautiful places to spend a night and for more detailed information follow this link

More images below during our tour

images (2).jpgIMG_4515.JPG

By the time we got to Eldoret the home of champions it was already dark but no one was complaininmursikg. Our overnight stay was at The Famous Sirikwa Hotel and I was glad the place has undergone serious renovations, it looked far beyond my last visit here. The food was great but as usual I must smell, taste and experience the uniqueness of every destination so you can Imagine I wasn’t going to leave without Tasting MURSIK a kalenjin traditional Milk mixed with special charcoal, they say it makes a champion out of an athlete… I haven’t tested this yet, hehehe! Soo keep rocked to our blog… just incase I win a marathon somewhere..


Thank you Sirikwa hotel we had a wonderful stay.

Everytime we post our travels we can only hope we are enticing someone somewhere to join us coz I believe everyone is  an ambassador of their own country. How? whenever you travel, work, study abroad people are always asking to recommend places they can visit in your own country, how then can you represent it if you haven’t experienced it yourself? Always try to be better than google lol! Everyone still wants to interact with a fellow human being.

Cheers! For now we are getting fit to experience #KakamegaCounty where traditional music got some wonderful rhythm and ringo that makes your Shoulders shake like papyrus Leeds…

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